Niki the Foster and her dog pack
I contacted Lindsey when my older dog, Angus, began being pushy, growling and lunging when on leash. At the time I had 2 dogs (Angus-basset/shepherd mix & Boomer-chiweenie) and a new foster dog set to come in. I wanted to help the transition for new dogs and my dogs be smoother. The day Lindsey came just happened to be the same day the foster was coming- perfect for what I needed help with. She came before the new foster and we worked with my boys, especially Angus, and she gave me tips, taught me how to interact with them in a healthy manner, and how to introduce properly to new dogs. And then the foster showed up. She was a 4 year old Bloodhound and terrified of everything. Literally everything. Even the garage door freaked her out. So Lindsey helped me introduce her to the other two and with how to help her settle in. A year later, I have 4 dogs. I foster failed with that scared girl and inherited a 5 pound chihuahua. When Lindsey first recommended tethering both Angus and Boomer (my original 2), I was skeptical but game to try because I love my boys and we were dysfunctional. Angus fought it. He did not want to be tethered to me. The hardest part was ignoring his tantrums. The no talk, touch, eye contact was challenging to say the least. But after four day weekend of him only being out of the kennel when he was on the tether, our relationship had changed. He no longer got pushy when he didn't get his way. He wasn't being rude to me and the other dogs. It was like a completely different world. Than it was Boomer's turn. Boomer is a dream with tethering. No problems at all. After about 5 months, the Bloodhound started getting pushier. She started pawing at my face, chest, and arms if I didn't give her the attention she wanted. And so I contacted Lindsey again to get advice. And she again recommended tethering. Now, I don't know if you've seen an 85 pound Bloodhound throw a tantrum. It's not pretty. There were tears on my part and sidelong glances on hers. The first 2 days were such a struggle. She kept pushing and pushing, tripping me up, refusing to move, etc. I put her in her kennel that night and cried myself to sleep. I didn't want to have to do this the rest of her life, constantly butting heads. The third day I got up, tethered her to me, and prepared for the same struggles. But they didn't come. She followed me without fighting it. She stepped out of the way if I changed direction. She lay on the floor at my feet without a peep. It was like I had woken up to a completely different dog. We finished out the rest of the boot camp and now occasionally tether when I feel we need a reminder. This is especially true after the 2 week vacation I took. We reaffirmed our relationship very easily. Ok. So. I also mentioned that 5 pound Chihuahua. She is 3 years old. She was a puppy mill breeding dog before rescue. Needless to say- girlfriend has some issues. She was very insecure, would growl at me if anyone touched her while she was sleeping, and would get possessive of me with the other dogs. Once again I contacted Lindsey and she, of course, recommended tethering. It works. If you do the work, it works. It's hard, it's awkward at times, and you'll question everything several times. But it works. I have such a balanced pack now that I can't believe how far we've come. I can take them to the dog park with no issues. I can introduce my old man to new dogs without a hackle raised or lip curled. I can actually walk all 4 of them on leash at the same time without it being a disaster. Lindsey has given me the tools I need to succeed with keeping my pack happy and healthy.